The Yin To My Yang.

The Yin To My Yang.

Todays prompt is to publicly profess your love and devotion for one of your blogger friends.

The Yin To My Yang.I read a lot of blogs. A LOT. I admire and respect so many different bloggers. Yet this prompt has been the easiest one yet. Because there is only one person that I think of as a friend before a blogger. Don’t get me wrong, Lisa from Two Point Five Kids is an awesome blogger. But I don’t think of her as one of my ‘best blogger friends’, I think of her as one of my best friends.The Yin To My Yang.

Lisa from Two Point Five Kids.

We’ve never met in real life. Never spoken on the phone. To be honest, I can’t  even remember how we became friends. We weren’t, then suddenly we just were. It was that natural. Our blogs are pretty different. I’m all serious blah blah, and she’s all funny ha ha. But together, we just click.

We talk every day via Facebook chat. Despite being on the other side of the country, I know she is always just a few key strokes away. (except when she is totally selfish and goes to work. Or worse yet, on a family holiday) I honestly wonder how I would get through my days without Lisa. She makes me laugh, and stops me from taking life so seriously. We take the piss out of each other regularly.

Lisa gets this whole blogging caper. We bitch and giggle about silly cyber dramas that break out. We get how exciting it is when a well known blogger comments on one of our posts, or replies to our messages. We run ideas for our blog past each other.

Lisa is fearless when it comes to topics she posts about. Whilst I over analyse everything, and wonder what people will think, she jumps right in the middle of controversial issues. She will run it by me first, and I will be over-cautious and hesitant (of course!); she will go ahead and publish it anyway. Like I knew she would. And I will have her back, like she knows I would. Lisa gives me more confidence in my own writing, and slowly some of her tenacity is starting to rub off on me.

I know one day we will meet in person, and will have an absolute blast together. I imagine lots of wine, lots of laughter, and maybe just a little bit of trouble…! Until then, I will make do with a virtual wine on the other side of the keyboard. Cheers my friend!The Yin To My Yang.

Love that duckface!