Sand Play {Bonus Peppa Pig Giveaway}

Sand Play {Bonus Peppa Pig Giveaway}

I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but the Easter School Holidays are mere weeks away. In previous years, I’ve not really been affected. Milla was home all day, every day, 365 days of the year. However, this year is different. Milla has started Early Intervention, 3 year old kinder and we have our special needs play/support group. All of which break for the school holidays… See where I’m going with this?!

In preparation for two weeks at home, in Melbourne, where the weather is perfect one day, torrential rain the next, Milla and I have been playing with an activity which is crazy easy to put together, once you have the basics.

Sand Play.

I know right, sooo simple. Because I like to buy new things (!) I bought a fancy tray with a lid, and a toolbox to keep all the odds and ends together, but seriously, a $2 cat litter tray from the supermarket and some empty marg containers would do the exact same job. Add a bag of play sand from the local hardware shop, and you’re good to go. (make sure it is play sand as building sand is treated with different chemicals) Everything else we found around the house.

The thing I love about this activity, is that it’s so versatile. Have some toy animals? It’s a jungle!

Have some blocks, toy cars and doll house (or lego) people? It’s a city!

If the weather is nice, it can be lead into with a treasure hunt outside; feathers, rocks, gravel, shells, gumnuts. A little mini beast world (in my house with very, very fake ‘mini beasts’, but if real bugs are your thing, go for it!) or, as Milla created today, a little fairy village.

It’s an activity that is literally as limitless as your imagination.

Because my head is constantly in ‘early intervention’ mode, I also love that it can be used as a developmental tool. Playing along side Milla, I see her enjoying the sensory experience of touching the sand, both wet and dry. She runs dry sand through her fingers, so it ‘rains’ on the animals. She builds sand castles with the wet sand for the fairies to live in.

We ‘role play’ with the little people; working on language, social skills and imagination.

The other day, Milla decided to have a tea party, and made cakes and pancakes with the wet sand, and poured cups of tea with the dry sand.

You could add cups and jugs, to do pouring and measuring (early maths skills anyone?) or little toy diggers and bulldozers to make a construction site. There are probably a million other ideas that I haven’t even thought of yet! I have a feeling Pinterest will be getting a workout these holidays…

Never fear, if you are still looking for ideas to keep the little  darlings happy for the holidays, Peppa Pig would love to help…

No? You don’t want to send the kids out to jump in muddy puddles?

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Please follow the prompts below, and leave a comment “What activities do you and your children enjoy on the school holidays?”

Competition closes 12am EDST on the 25th of March 2014.

Good Luck!