Safety In Numbers.

Safety In Numbers.

Last week, I felt myself slide into the dark hole that is guarded by the Black Dog.

It had probably been coming for a little while. Sneaking up on me. I tend to ignore it, as if that will make a difference. Like if I can’t see it, it can’t see me.

Until I find myself lying in bed, crying my eyes out, and feeling just so desperately sad. It is staring me in the eyes, and I can’t look away.

But what the Black Dog doesn’t realise, is that there is safety in numbers. It can only take you down, and hold you there, when you are alone. And I am not alone.

Thank you, for the beautiful comments left here on the blog, and on the facebook page.

Thank you to my friends; who messaged me, text me, checked in on me.

Thank you to my always amazing husband, who understands and loves me, even when I don’t understand or love myself.

The darkness has receded. I can smile again, and mean it. That Black Dog is no match for me and my people.

Thank you.