Listmania Link-up ~ Currently I am.

This year I am going to (try) and link up with Deb from Home Life Simplified for “Listmania” every Monday.

list mania

Here is the first one ~ Currently I am.

Reading: Reading

Listening to:  The Wiggles, Justine Clark, Hi5… Very sophisticated tastes we have here!

Laughing at:  This crazy kid.Laughing

Swooning over: A Dyson vacuum. Any Dyson vacuum. I want one! I promise I will actually use it!!!


Eating lots of: More like drinking… on the meal replacement shake ‘diet’ again. It wont last.

Feeling: So very tired! Little miss is waking through the night, up for the day before sunrise, and has given up her day sleep. The less sleep she has, the more I need!

Discovering: New friends, after sharing how lonely I am.

Looking at: Literally.Looking at.

Wearing: The “Summer in Australia” uniform ~ Shorts, singlet and thongs!

Cooking: Not a lot. Hubby and I on shake diet, and Milla is refusing to eat anything except for cold baked beans at the moment. Oh, the joy of a fussy toddler!

Wondering: What the new year will bring. When will we get started with early intervention? How will it help Milla?

Trying out: This week I am visiting a child care centre, to possibly ‘try out’ Milla one day a week in care. Both for her stimulation and a little break for me.

That’s what I’m currently doing. How about you?