Kmart Endless Days Of Play Giveaway

Kmart Endless Days Of Play Giveaway

Last week I was invited to an event to celebrate the introduction of a new toy range from Kmart. The night before, I thought I’d have a look at Kmart’s new Facebook page. People were not happy. It seemed that Kmart had made the decision to no longer offer the mid year toy sales and six month Christmas layby. As what often happens via social media, people were whipped up in a frenzy. I was interested to see how it would be addressed the following day, and what the reasoning behind this decision would be.

Kmart Endless Days Of Play GiveawayThe launch was hosted by Tracy Spicer, and featured the General Manager of Kmart, and the Kmart Head of Toys (coolest job EVER!)

There was a lot of discussion on the background of Kmart, the business, and changes that had been made to evolve with Australian consumers.

The important points that people want to know though, is why the change, and what’s in it for us (the consumers)?

  • Kmart conducted independent research with Australian consumers. 94% said they would prefer lower prices every day, rather than inflated prices year round to allow for half yearly sales.
  • Last year 30% of the Christmas 6 monthly laybys were returned by customers. Feedback was that children changed their minds in that six month period, and also that new toys were released in the months following the mid year toy sales.
  • Kmart has released a new range of quality toys, across all ages/developmental stages, that will remain at a fixed lower price than similar ranges from competitors, for the next six months.
  • Branded toys will still be available from Kmart, and if advertised at a cheaper price elsewhere, Kmart will match that price.
  • Kmart have committed to only working with factories that meet strict standards of safety and social compliance, and have signed The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh.

Personally, I am happy with the changes that Kmart made. The “Endless Days of Play” campaign suits our family. I want to be able to purchase quality toys at a lower rate all year. Milla’s birthday is in October and she has lots of little friends with birthdays in the next six months. I want to know that I can walk into a store and purchase toys at an affordable price, every day of the year. Call me lazy, (because I am a little!) but I really don’t have the time or energy to plan my shopping around several different department stores, months in advance.

Of course, the most important question ~ “What about the children? Is anyone thinking about the children??”   What will our kids think of this new range of toys?

After the Kmart presentation, the curtains opened to reveal every child’s dream; a virtual toy shop where they could touch and play with EVERYTHING!

Kmart Endless Days Of Play GiveawayAnd play they did!


Kmart Endless Days Of Play Giveaway Kmart Endless Days Of Play Giveaway Kmart Endless Days Of Play Giveaway Kmart Endless Days Of Play Giveaway



There is a huge range of toys, across all ages and interests.  The toys are made to compliment the big ‘branded’ toys, eg. The pink convertible car fits the Barbie brand doll, the building table fits the Leggo brand blocks etc. My personal favourites are the wooden toys. Gorgeous wooden doll houses, Noah’s Arc, train tables etc. To see the full range, you can view the Kmart Endless Days Of Play catalogue here.

Like what you see? Well, Kmart is giving you the opportunity to win a $150 voucher to celebrate the launch of the new range! To enter, please follow the prompts below, and comment on which toy from the Kmart Endless Days of Play catalogue you would have loved as a child.  Me? I would have loved the Roller Shoes. Why walk when you can skate right? (told you I was lazy!) 

Competition closes at midnight EST on Friday the 28th June. Good Luck!

*Disclaimer- I attended the launch of the Kmart Endless Days Of Play campaign/toy range, and Milla received a couple of toys from the new toy range as a gift. I was not requested, or under any obligation, to write a post, and all views, as always, are my own.*