Finding Jane ~ Part Three

Finding Jane ~ Part Three

After nearly two years of feeling frumpy, of neglecting myself, of disappearing into the role of a ‘mother’, a ‘wife’, I knew it was time for a change. I owed it to my family; my husband and my daughter, to be the best ‘Me’ I could be. But more importantly, I owed it to myself. Thanks to Justine, from Total Image Solutions, I took the plunge, I put myself out there, and I said “This is not OK. I want to be better than this.”

Finding Jane ~ Part ThreeI made the decision to “Find Jane”. It is a work in progress. Discovering who I am now, post baby, is not going to happen over night, it will take more than a shiny new look. But damn, this shiny new look has given me the confidence I need to start respecting myself again. To remind me that I am more than “Milla’s mum”.

So here we go ~Finding Jane ~ Part Three

Finding Jane ~ Part Three
My comfy ‘at home’ clothes.

Replacing the baggy track pants, and my husbands hoodie!

Jacket ~ Kmart, $15

Singlet ~ Face Off, $7.50

(Already owned the leggings)

Finding Jane ~ Part ThreeBlazer ~ Target $35.08 (on special, RRP $39.20)

Singlet ~ Face Off $7.50

Jeans ~ Target $25 (on special, RRP $30)

Finding Jane ~ Part ThreeCardigan ~ Kmart $15

Shoes ~ Rubi $19.95 (2 pairs for $30)Finding Jane ~ Part Three

Green shirt ~ Target $25.06 (on special, RRP $28.00)

Jeans ~ Target $25 (on special, RRP $30)

Finding Jane ~ Part ThreeSleeveless top ~ Kmart $15

Jeans ~ Kmart $7.00

All in all, I spent $263.40, on a total of fourteen ‘mix and match’ outfits.

Finding Jane ~ Part Three(Not shown; a new bra, and two pairs of high waisted knickers)

On Sunday, I went out to the shops with the family. Nothing special, just to pick up Milla’s birthday present of lay buy, and do a bit of grocery shopping. Before my makeover, I would have worn track pants and a hoodie. Embracing the new ‘me’, I wore green pants, a blue shirt, blue shoes, mascara and tinted moisturiser. And, do you know what? I felt great. I don’t think I actually realised how invisible I felt before, until I didn’t feel invisible anymore. I felt like “Me”. I felt like “Jane”. WOW.

To be honest, when I started all this, I really didn’t expect to feel so different. I honestly didn’t realise how crap I felt about myself, until I starting feeling good instead.

I know so many of you have been feeling the same way as me, lost, searching for your identity. I think these posts have received the most feedback of anything I’ve ever written. Believe me when I tell you, that once you start respecting yourself, you will start to realise that you deserve that respect.

Changing what is on the outside, doesn’t necessarily change what is on the inside. One of my favorite quotes, is “Fake it until you make it.” Some things are out of our control. Depression, the “Black Dog”, sometimes these are things we can’t control. But confidence, self esteem, and most importantly self respect, these are all weapons against the negative ‘self talk’ that fuels these issues.

I would like to say a huge thank you to Justine from Total Image Solutions. She has truly helped me to find a style that suits who I am now. Yes, I’m a mother, but I am also still Jane. I can, in all honestly, vouch for her passion and commitment to working with women to rediscover their ‘mojo’, their style, their confidence.

total image solutions

If you are interested in finding out more about the services Justine from Total Image Solutions can provide, you can visit her website , ‘like’ Total Image Solutions on Facebook , or give her a call on 0438 271948. Another service that is coming soon to Total Image Solutions is “Girls Night In” where a group of friends can get together and Justine will come to you for a fun and informative styling session. I should have the details of this within the next few days!

If you take nothing else from these posts, please take this ~ You are worth it. You deserve to feel amazing, to feel confident. What do you need to do to feel good about yourself? Do it.  xx