How to Treat Tooth Decay during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is truly a fragile time for expectant women because of the extreme hormone changes that affect virtually every element of their bodies, including their oral health. Throughout pregnancy, the dangers of gum illness boosts, which also puts the baby’s health at danger. This is why taking great care of teeth in addition to gums is really essential for pregnant women.

If you are still at the phase of planning to have a baby, do your best to have a dental examination prior to your pregnancy to ensure that you get professional teeth cleaning before getting pregnant. At the same time, the dental professional will be able to analyze your gum tissue and identify if there are any dental health issue that need to be dealt with. You can tackle all the issues by using best toothpaste for pregnancy.

For women who are already pregnant, eating right throughout pregnancy will not just benefit your baby however also your teeth. It prevails to have yearnings for sugary foods throughout pregnancy however preventing sweet foods and keeping your snacking to a minimum is vital to avoid dental caries. Know that the germs that forms dental caries can be transferred to your developing baby so it is vital that you look after your teeth. Start by finding out more about dental caries and how to avoid it.

Ensure to preserve a diet that is both healthy and well balanced. Preferably, it ought to consist of cheese, yogurt and other dairy items, all of which are exceptional sources of important minerals that assist develop strong teeth and gums. A baby’s first set of teeth form throughout the pregnancy’s first trimester.

Needless to say, whether you’re pregnant or not, practicing great oral health routinely will avoid or minimize oral illness. If you have awful early morning illness and the taste of your tooth paste simply makes you feel even worse so you would rather not brush your teeth, switch to tooth paste with a boring taste. If you toss up regularly, make certain to wash out your mouth with a mouth wash or simply plain water to rinse the acid in the vomit and avoid it from deteriorating the tooth enamel.

You can get fundamental dental care throughout your second trimester. It is really essential to notify your dental expert that you are pregnant. It is highly suggested that you prevent any dental treatments when you are on your first trimester and throughout the latter half of your 3rd trimester. This is to avoid your direct exposure to any substance or treatment that might be harmful to your baby throughout the vital periods of development.

Dental X-rays ought to be prevented throughout pregnancy. Technological advances have made X-ray treatments a lot more secure now than they were numerous years back, a pregnant woman getting a dental X-ray would just be an option in emergency situation cases. What pregnant women ought to not miss out on are regular dental examinations, especially gum assessments because of the increased danger of tender and bleeding gums.

After bring to life your baby, schedule a dental consultation as quickly as possible specifically if you suffered any gum issues while you were pregnant so you can have an extensive dental examination. Whether you are pregnant now or at pre or post-pregnancy phase, please do not hesitate to call us for any of your dental issues.

What is the very best Way to Care For My Teeth Throughout Pregnancy?

What is the very best Way to Care For My Teeth Throughout Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial time to concentrate on preventive care for dentition. Throughout pregnancy the hormone balance is modified and gums end up being quickly prone to gum illness. It is very important to see your dental practitioner for regular examinations throughout pregnancy to avoid oral health issue.

Early morning illness prevails in pregnancy and can affect the dentition due to the increased acidic environment. Acid has been well investigated and shown to liquify the external layer of enamel on the teeth. To avoid deteriorating the enamel it is necessary after an episode of throwing up or stomach reflux to not brush your teeth, however rather smear a layer of tooth paste over the teeth to assist remineralise the tooth surface.

Pregnancy can promote yearnings for particular foods. Dental decay is frequently brought on by regular snacking of sweet foods and beverages. Attempt to get rid of excess sugar from your diet to ensure a healthy oral environment throughout your pregnancy. It is motivated that women take in the advised levels of calcium throughout pregnancy to assist reinforce the bones and teeth of the developing child.

Oral Health is also extremely crucial to keep. Due to the change of hormone balance the gums may end up being quickly inflamed by dental plaque. Brushing a minimum of two times a day and flossing daily after meals will assist avoid dental decay and gum swelling.

It is necessary for the future of your child’s oral health to keep excellent oral health and participate in regular dental check-ups. Your child is born with no decay triggering germs in their mouth. As your baby’s teeth start to emerge, germs are presented by the primary carer from food tasting and kissing. It is necessary for parents to ensure their mouths are without decay to remove the possibility of moving these germs to their child.

Bringing your child to dental visits from the age of 18 months will permit them to end up being familiar and comfy with the dental setting. Regular dental visits from an early age are motivated to avoid little issues becoming big ones.

Pregnancy is the time when you need to stress on oral health and there are particular factors for doing it. Tooth pain is among the most unbearable discomforts worldwide. Regular see to dental professional can assist you avert it. Most of the time women who are pregnant experience queasiness and throwing up which contributes to the germs that builds up on teeth. Pregnancy is a time when many hormone changes take place in a woman’s body including her mouth.

How to stay tan while pregnant

tanner for pregnancy

Many healthcare professionals are recommending the reasonable sun tanning process to darken or tan the skin. If you are a health-conscious person, then you have to know about the overall importance of the sun bathing and decide on how to be successful in your approach for sunless tanning. As a pregnant woman, you have to be aware of the safe self tanner for pregnancy and follow guidelines from healthcare experts. Though there is no clear proof that tanning in a tanned bed or outside directly harms the baby-to-be, the ultraviolet radiation in these two methods is the same. You have to remember that ultraviolet radiation from indoor tanning leads to various health problems like the skin cancer, premature aging and wrinkles.

Risks of tanning

There are loads of issues of tanning during the time of pregnancy. The UV rays can cut down the decisive building block folic acid required by the baby to develop the healthy nervous system. In general, a baby is prone to negative effects of the ultraviolet radiation during the first trimester as well as starting of the second trimester. The brain development’s foundation is laid during this time. The maximum risk period for the baby-to-be is from second to seventh weeks after conception.

Women who tan during their pregnancy get various health problems in particular health problems associated with the sensitive skin. This is because the sensitive nature of the pregnancy hormones. If you do not wear a sunscreen outside and go to a tanning bed, then you may suffer from various health problems. You may develop chloasma during your pregnancy and require the best treatment to heal dark patches on the skin known as the mask of pregnancy. An excessive sun exposure worsens the chloasma.

Self-tanning lotions

Self-tanning lotions are safe during pregnancy as the important chemicals in the self-tanners do not absorb the first layer of the skin. You can concentrate on the guidelines to pick and use the pregnancy self tanner recommended by satisfied users and healthcare professionals. You will get the absolute guidelines and make positive changes in your approach for using the self-tanning lotion during the pregnancy.

Dihydroxyacetone is an important chemical used in the self-tanning lotion designed to make the brown pigment on the skin. This chemical does not actually get absorbed beyond the first layer of the skin. You can consult with your doctor before using the self-tanning product.  You must avoid using the spray tans as chemicals in these products could reach the baby when pregnant women breathe such chemicals in.

Reduce the radiation exposure

Pregnant women cannot avoid every category of radiation exposure. For example, they are exposed to a small amount of radiation during the ultrasounds. They must understand the risk of excessive exposure to the radiation and limit the unnecessary ultraviolet radiation exposure. Though they like to look their best, they have to be conscious on products and techniques they use to maintain their appearance as good as possible. They like to get the glowing bronzed skin tone so as to look attractive in terms of physique. They consider the best approaches to get and maintain the exuberant tan without compromising the safety and health of their baby.

Vitamin D content in sunlight is very important for pregnant women. On the other hand, an excessive exposure to the sun is very dangerous to everyone especially those who are pregnant. Pregnancy causes various physical conditions as well as imbalances like the making the skin sensitive to the sun. Women who are pregnant nowadays are susceptible to the chloasma or hives, heat rash and other health problems. They are willing to keep up-to-date with the best techniques used to improve the overall health of their baby-to-be and enhance their routine efforts to be healthy further.

Easy-to-follow suggestions about how to choose and use the sunscreen lotions with the best skin protection nowadays encourage almost everyone to pick and use one of these products. Pregnant women must be close to the shade or bring an umbrella to protect them from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun. They have to avoid exposing to the sun for a long time. They can consult with healthcare professionals and improve their approaches for tanning as safe as possible.

How to Wash Face Correctly?

Washing the face may seem pretty simple for people of every age group. You usually splash some water on your face and use a little cleanser to rub your face and rinse. However, you need a little more consideration and care in your daily cleansing routine. If you properly cleanse your face, then you can prevent yourself from acne breakouts, reduce skin inflammation and improve the overall skin health. You can read more about the face wash instructions and products recommended for proper facial cleansing purpose. The following details assist you to know about how to wash your face.

Follow the simple steps

Warm water is recommended to wet and wash the face. You have to pull the hair back and entirely wet the skin. Cold and hot water are not gentle to the skin and leading to the irritation. You can splash warm water on the face by using your hands or wet the skin by using the moistened towel. You must wet the skin before applying the cleanser so as to let the soap to slide easily across the skin and prevent yourself from using excess soap. Apply the suitable dime-sized cleanser on your face in the circular motion and double-check that the overall spots covered with such cleanser. Keep massaging in the circular motion.

Use the special makeup remover when you wear the makeup especially around eyes.  The plain coconut oil is a good and natural makeup remover. You can gently exfoliate the skin to remove both dead skin cells and dirt. This is worthwhile to exfoliate every few days to keep pores from getting clogged. This simple approach assists you to keep the facial skin bright and fresh.  Experts in the face wash use the facial scrub or washcloth to rub the skin by using the circular motion. They focus on the areas tend to be oily or dry. They understand that too much exfoliation irritates the skin. They prefer exfoliation a few times a week. They exfoliate the skin by using the honey, granulated sugar and milk or water. They use the warm water to rinse and pat the skin dry. They do not rub their face when they dry it as rubbing the skin leads to wrinkles and skin irritation.

Individuals with an interest to get the smooth appearance of their skin must apply the toner. They can reduce the appearance of pores and keep the skin to look as smooth as possible. They can use a cotton ball to apply the toner and focus on every area of their skin where pores appear large. They must use the alcohol-free toner when their skin tends to flake. They can finish the face wash process with the moisturizer. They have to choose and use the moisturizer specially formulated for the facial skin. The best-in-class moisturizer protects the skin from harmful things and keeps the skin bright and youthful.

Peach punch foam cleanser

Peach punch foam cleanser from the Tony moly is the best foam cleanser at this time. This product gives the refreshing skin peach nutrients and off sweet scent beyond expectations of users. This foam is effective in its approach for eliminating the impurities from the skin and retaining the skin moisture. This brand is popular for its innovative and unique technology in the competitive skincare industry. All users of this product get the absolute support to cleanse the skin an effective way and getting the skin’s natural moisture.

The green tea pure cleansing foam

green tea pure cleansing foam from Innisfree

The green tea pure cleansing foam from Innisfree is rich in green tea and green complex from the Jeju Island. A good mixture of active elements of this product refreshes the skin by providing the maximum purification and moisture. You can read more about so many plant extracts available in this product. These extracts work as antioxidants to enhance the overall health of the skin. This product assists users to wash out dirt and also all unnecessary things in the skin while retaining the moisture content. The green tea’s mildness leaves the entire skin to feel clean and fresh with the proper moisture. Antioxidant ingredients of this product play the important role to keep the skin clean and fresh on a regular basis. Kaolin clay in this product assists users to get rid of the soft facial hair impurities as well as the makeup residues.

New Beginnings.

What a lot has happened in the last week!

As those on my Facebook page would know, after my last update, I visited the second eye surgeon last Wednesday, and he immediately agreed to operate on my right eye. Not only did he agree, he said he could do it that Friday, in two days time!  You could not wipe the smile off my face!

With barely any time to be nervous, it was off to the Eye and Ear hospital, where they performed the vitrectomy under a local anaesthetic. That’s right, I was AWAKE! As horrifying as that sounds, I was actually pretty drugged up, and the whole thing felt like a surreal dream. The procedure only takes about 40 minutes, and afterwards I felt great, clearly enjoying the effects of my pain killers and what the anaesthetist called his “happy drugs”.

new beginnings 2

new beginnings

A week later, and I’m feeling pretty good. The surgeon is satisfied with how it is all healing up, and believes I should have my sight completely back in a few weeks. He wants to perform some more laser therapy on both eyes (urgh) but is feeling very positive about me regaining full sight again in the future. It is very much a ‘wait and see’ process, as to whether my eyes continue to grow abnormal blood vessels (which are the cause of the haemorrhages) however the future is looking much brighter than it was a few months ago (literally!).

One would think all this would have been enough excitement for me in just seven days, but it would appear that there is another ‘new beginning’ for me, and all of you; my readers, in the very near future.

Let me explain.

The day before I went in for surgery, I was made aware of another website, with the name “Hesitant Housewife”, and the almost exact same web address. This appeared to be false advertising however, as the ‘housewives’ on this site were anything but ‘hesitant’. It was a hardcore, graphic pornography site.

It’s fair to say I freaked out. Our URLs were so similar, it would be a ridiculously easy mistake to end up on the wrong page. After much panic, and discussions with other bloggers, I decided the best thing for my blog, is a total re-brand. Yep, the days/weeks are numbered for this chapter of The Hesitant Housewife. I am sad to be letting go of something that has really felt like my identity for the past three years, but at the same time, every cloud has a silver lining. My life has changed a lot since I started out, when Milla was just a wee bub, and I was journaling my life from dysfunction to domestic bliss. Maybe this is a sign that it is time for a change? A fresh name, a fresh look, maybe less ‘housewife’ and more ‘Jane’?

So, a name has been chosen, and brand spanking new domains have been purchased. I know nothing about all the ‘back end’ stuff that goes on with a transfer to a new domain, so I have a professional sorting out that side of it, and hopefully it will be good to go in the very near future. I will keep you all posted on new developments, I don’t want any of you getting lost in the move!

Onwards and upwards. Cheers!  To new beginnings.

The Window To My Soul ~ An Update.

Diabetic Retinopathy

An idea of how the world currently appears to me.

It’s been six weeks since my last major eye haemorrhage. My vision has slowly been deteriorating, even as my eyes begin to adjust more to limited vision.

I have constant bruises on my body from where I bump into things, and misjudge doorways and bench tops. Being visually impaired whilst living with a three year old is like competing in a crazy obstacle course, blind folded. I end every day with pain killers, for the splitting headache caused by constant eye strain.

I did manage to pull myself out of the depression that was threatening to engulf me. Admittedly through seeing the Dr to increase my medication, but hey, whatever it takes to keep that Black Dog at bay.

I am not defeated any more. I am determined.

My eye specialist told me he thinks I should have a vitrectomy, surgery that I have already had on my other eye. (basically remove the vitreous gel from my eye, that is full of blood from the haemorrhage) If it was successful, it could mean clear vision for the first time in over four years. I may be able to drive again. The specialist even believes it may be possible for me to fall pregnant again, without the risk of blindness.  (A big maybe, but still – hope!)

Can you imagine? Can you imagine how incredibly life changing it could be if the surgery worked?

If you can imagine that, then I’m sure you can imagine how completely devastating it was when the surgeon had a quick flick through my (very thick) file and said no. No, he thinks I should wait. Apparently waiting for FOUR FUCKING YEARS is not long enough. Bye bye, on your way, see you in a few months.

After I cried all the way home, I realised, NO.  I need to stop feeling defeated, I need to fight for the quality of life I deserve, that my family deserve. This surgeon who looked at my history for all of 10 seconds, has no idea what it is like to live like this. He has no idea how it feels to not remember what life looks like when your vision isn’t clouded by blood. He has no idea what it feels like to have never seen your own daughter, with clear vision. He has no idea of what if feels like to be given hope for a life that had been all but given up on.


On Wednesday I am travelling in to the city to see a new surgeon, and get a second opinion. And I will not leave his office, until I am satisfied that he has a damn good idea of what my life is like; what it has been like, for the past four years. And surely, SURELY he can’t deny me that chance?

Please send me your prayers, positive vibes, strength, hugs, whatever it is you believe can help me, because I am getting ready to fight. I have spent my whole life feeling defeated by my circumstances, not this time.  There is nothing more dangerous than a person who has nothing to lose, and something to hope.

What I would say.

Dear teenage self,

Right now, you are in such a hurry to grow up. You think that life will be so much easier when you are an adult and can make your own choices and decisions. Turns out making the right choices and decisions is a lot harder than you can imagine. You do eventually get it right, but not until after you make a whole lot of bad ones.

15 years

I want you to stop and try and work out who you really are, instead of thinking you are what other people tell you you are. What other people think of you does not define you, so please stop acting that way. If you can figure this out now, it will help you so much in the future, particularly with all those aforementioned  bad choices you made. You are a worthwhile person, and you do deserve to be treated with respect. You will waste so much time in bad relationships, as you don’t believe you deserve  any better.

You will marry a man that doesn’t respect you, that mentally and emotionally abuses you, and it will be one of the biggest mistakes of your life. You figure it out eventually, but waste a whole lot of money on a fancy dream wedding, and it takes you a long time to put yourself back together. Please skip this period of your life – You are much better than him, and deserve more!

You are not the person you’ve been told you are. You are worthwhile, intelligent and kind. You are not unlovable. The sooner you can believe this, the sooner you will be able to move past your childhood, and start building a positive life for yourself.

It wont be possible for you to go to Uni , despite receiving great marks and getting into the course you want. You will need to move out at 18, and get a job to support yourself. Please don’t give up though. Really try to get a qualification when you can, it will open so many doors for you down the track. You will regret not pursuing it when you are older. The more responsibilities you have, the more difficult it is to do.

16 years

Another factor that contributes to those bad decisions you make is alcohol. I know you’ve just started drinking now, and it feels cool and fun. However you do some really stupid things due to being drunk over the years, that are not cool or fun at all, just downright dangerous. Trust me, so many of the regrets I have now were fuelled by alcohol.

I know you well, better than you know yourself at this age. I know you wont take any of this advice, and will always choose the hardest paths to travel. It wont be pretty. However, this time will pass. You will get out the other side.  And in your darkest moments, your lowest of lows, know that you will make it. You will be loved by the most amazing man, who will see all the good in you that no one else has been able to. You will have a beautiful daughter, an amazing husband, and will at last have a real family. Hang in there. It’s going to be a rough ride, but you will get your happy ending.


Love older and wiser self. xx

What would you say to your teenage self, if you had the chance?

Feeding The Book Worm.

*This post was brought to you in partnership with Bookworld*

Ever since I was a child, I have loved to read. I would spend hours on the weekends getting lost in books, and often sneakily read in bed until the wee hours of the morning.

My love for books continued into adulthood. I can recall many bleary eyed days at work, from staying up until three in the morning to finish a book I just could not put down. Since becoming vision impaired, I have had to swap hard copy books for the iPad, however my heart will always belong to the real thing. That delicious smell of fresh pages in a brand new book and the glossy cover, still unmarked, and crease free.

It’s only natural that I have passed on my love of books and reading to Milla. I used to read to my pregnant belly before I went to sleep, and from the day Milla came home from hospital my husband and I have read to her every night before bed.

Now that Milla is a little older, and FINALLY gotten over the ‘rip books to shreds’ stage, (man, I thought that would never pass!) I have loved being able to buy her beautiful books that we are able to share together.

bookworld6bookworld7Here are some of our favourites ~

bookworld2As you can see from how battered and old this book is, it is much loved. This is the book that I used to read to Milla when she was still in the womb, every night before I went to sleep. Nowadays when we read it, Milla likes to attempt all the actions, which adds a certain wacky element to before bed story time 😉  This is also the book where the classic “I love you to the moon and back” line comes from.

bookworld4We have been reading the Hairy Maclary series since Milla was little, the range is available in board books, hard cover and soft cover. All the characters in Hairy Maclary have gorgeous names that match their descriptions. (My favourite is ‘Schnitzel von Krumm, with a very low tum’) The stories have a beautiful rhythm and rhyme to them.

bookworld3Another great book for it’s rhythm and rhyme.  I’m a big fan of rhyming books, as I think the flow engages children beautifully. This book always gets a giggle from Milla, as the sheep get up to some crazy antics. But where is the GREEN sheep??

bookworldWe love this book for it’s repetition and sound effects. As Milla has gotten older, and her language has improved, she will recite the words along with me. This is also a great book to ‘act’ out. Swishing through grass, squelching through mud and tiptoeing through the forest! Lots of opportunities to expand on ideas from this book.

bookworld5When I was a child, I ADORED Dr Suess books, and couldn’t wait to buy Milla a set when she was old enough. Warning~ These books are serious tongue twisters! I actually get out of breath reading them. Milla calls them her ‘silly’ books, and cracks up laughing all the way through.

bookworld1I love the illustrations in this book, and again with the rhyming. (Are you sensing a theme here?!) There is also a nice, subtle message about what’s on the inside being more important than what’s on the outside.

We are always adding to our collection of books, and I am pretty excited about a massive clearance sale at Bookworld that starts on May 16th. There will be up to 70% off a wide range of books.You can visit the Bookworld Clearance Sale here.

I actually discovered Bookworld just before Christmas, when I ordered a whole heap of books from ‘Santa’.  They have free delivery within Australia, and if you join their ‘Citizen’ club, (it’s free) you receive 10% of all books. I love shopping for books online, and often find some new goodies through different search options; age, genre etc.

I’d love to hear what books you enjoy reading with your children? What are some favourites?

Life On The Spectrum ~ In Pictures.

April was Autism Awareness month; and Autism: In Our Words put together a ‘photo a day’ challenge, to give a glimpse into every day life on the spectrum.


I really enjoyed sharing insights into our world on Facebook and Instagram, so I thought I’d put it all together here in one place.

Please feel free to share this post, and help spread awareness on the complexities, beauty,  hurdles and joy that life on the spectrum can bring.

1/ Acceptance. Best friends
day 1
2/ Play. Whilst some children on the spectrum struggle with creative play, Milla was blessed with a vivid imagination. She has dressed up for a ‘surprise party’, and is busy cooking baked beans and ice cream.
day 2
3/ Stim/Ritual: Bedtime ritual~ Next to bed goes face washer, drink bottle must go behind tissue box, Gro clock must be turned away. Two songs, Baa Baa Black Sheep then Twinkle Twinkle. Kiss and a cuddle. Fairy lights go off, music turned on, and put on repeat so it plays all night. Another kiss and a cuddle. “Goodnight, I love you, sweet dreams.” Exact same order every single 34/ Comfort item. Vibration pillow. Milla carries this pillow when we are walking somewhere. The noise of the traffic causes her massive anxiety and distress. When she is feeling scared, she squeezes her special pillow, which vibrates. The vibration shifts her focus from the sensory overload of the traffic, and calms her 45/ App. Not only an educational tool, Milla uses the iPad as a way to wind down and refocus when she becomes overstimulated by the ‘outside world’. Her favourite apps are the Dr Panda series, where she can role play every day activities; going to the Drs, childcare, gardening, housework ect. When her own world often feels chaotic and scary, Dr Panda provides safe places where Milla is in control, and the outcomes are 56/ Main obsession. Strawberries. Milla will eat 1-2 punnets of strawberries a day. It’s the only food that she is guaranteed to always eat, as long as they are ‘prepared’ properly. Tops cut off, cut in half, absolutely no white visible on the outside 67/ Joy. A girl and her daddy, sun above them, sea beneath them. day 78/ Breakfast. Milla is not motivated by food at all. She can take up to 2 hours to eat a meal, and needs constant prompting; “Keep eating.” “Take another bite”. On mornings we don’t have to be anywhere, I make up a ‘snack box’ that Milla can graze on throughout the morning. Saves us both a lot of frustration!day 89/ Sleep. Milla almost always goes straight to sleep at night, thanks to a very tight ‘bedtime’ routine. It has been exactly the same for the last 2 years or so. We recently introduced a chart, each step is illustrated with a visual cue, that can be removed with Velcro after it’s completed. In time we can try and introduce some flexibility into the routine by switching the order of the steps. Currently the order is; dinner, bath, naked play, pjs, milk, 3 books, then bed. From start to finish the entire routine takes 2 910/ Favourite colour. If you ask Milla what her favourite colour is, she’ll tell you a different colour every time. Looking at her art wall, she seems to favour vibrant colours, with lots of pinks and 1011/ Secondary Obsession ~Dinner rules. Milla will only eat cooked food if it is room temperature. So every night I cook dinner, then put hers in the fridge for 10 minutes. Even if the food is slightly warm to touch, she won’t eat it. There is a select list of foods that Milla will eat, so I just rotate the same 5 dinners each night. Dinner is served on a segregated plate, and each different food is not allowed to touch. There also needs to be a separate utensil for each 1112/ Spinning. Milla loves to spin around in this swing at her Early Intervention centre. A lot of children on the spectrum use spinning as a way to self soothe and to block out an overload of sensory input. When Milla was younger, and feeling anxious or overwhelmed, she would spin around and around for ages. Used to make me feel dizzy just watching 1213/ Therapy. This is Milla with her occupational therapist, who she sees fortnightly. They work together on Milla’s sensory processing issues, through role play and games. Her O.T will create experiences that are outside Milla’s comfort zone, then assist her with coping strategies and tactics to remain calm. Milla also participates in early intervention weekly, which this term will be focused on 1:1 therapy with a speech pathologist. We are starting with a new psychologist in a few weeks, to work on Milla’s anxiety, which will be alternate fortnights to her O.T. day 1314/ Playing. Milla met Lucas in mothers group, not long after they were both born. Even though we moved away before Milla’s first birthday, they still share a special bond, and spend hours playing together whenever they get the chance. day 1415/ Happy. Milla loves jumping on the trampoline she was given for Christmas, however has high anxiety about playing in the yard. She finds it difficult to cope with the unpredictability of noises and the sun and clouds casting different shadows and light. This morning she managed to spend 10 minutes jumping in the sunshine, which made us both very 1516/ Sensory. When Milla first began OT, she refused to participate in messy play. Through gentle encouragement and continued exposure, she can now tolerate her hands getting messy for short periods of time. In this picture, Milla and her OT are having sensory play using shaving cream. If you look at her left hand, you will notice it’s splayed open. This is her usual response to the right hand being dirty. If you look closely at pictures of Milla at the beach, she holds both hands splayed as a reaction to the sensation of the sand. day 1617/ Everyday Food. This is what Milla has for ‘second course’ every day after dinner. Strawberries, 4 tiny teddies, 1 jellybean and 1 vitamin. Exactly the same, every 1718/ Must have. Sunglasses. Milla is very sensitive to light and won’t go outside unless she is wearing her 1819/ Sad. Some days Milla wakes up, and her world has tilted slightly off centre. On these days she can’t cope with anything, and everything is a challenge for her. We cancel whatever plans we had and stay home, tiptoeing around in an effort to keep the peace. On these days life is unpredictable. The sounds could be too loud, the clouds the wrong colour or moving too fast. The cat might not sit where Milla expected it to, the characters on the TV do the wrong thing. There are meltdowns and tears and Milla can’t tell us why. So we grit our teeth, put one foot in front the other and just get through the day. When we finally tuck her into bed that night, we kiss her goodnight and have faith that tomorrow will be a better 1920/ Team. The three of us make the best team. As long as we have each other, we can overcome any 2021/ Fear. The world is a scary and confusing place for my girl. Every day she gets up and faces fears that we can’t even understand. “There can be no courage, unless you are scared.”day 2122/ Outside. Milla has always been a nature baby. She loves being outside, and exploring. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful part of Victoria, every weekend we discover new places to have our 2223/ Favourite game. Milla loves ‘Memory’ games, and is ridiculously good at them. She has an amazing ability for recall and was able to play (and win!) memory games before she could even 2324/ Pet. This is an older picture of Milla and our cat Star, but one of my favourites. Star is a 14 year old cantankerous chinchilla, who has no patience for anyone except for Milla. They have a beautiful relationship, and Milla must say goodnight and tell Star she loves her before going to bed every night. 
day 24
25/ Train. I’ve got absolutely nothing for the prompt ‘train’ so thought I would just share a random fact about Milla instead. Like a lot of people on the spectrum, Milla learns best through visual cues. One day she was staring at her drink bottle, which has her name on in, and suddenly said, “M I L L A. That says Milla.” From that day on, she has been able to spell her own name, unprompted. It just amazes me how her mind works, and how much information she takes in without us even realising.  day 2526/ Dinner. Milla is tired and strung out from ballet this morning and speech therapy this afternoon. We didn’t get home until after 5 tonight, and I could sense a breakdown was imminent. I made a last minute decision to abandon plans for cooking dinner, and quickly picked up some takeaway instead. You do what you have to do to get an over stimulated little lady through her routine and into bed, as painlessly as 2627/ Paperwork. I’ve been saying for 18 months that I need to organise all the paperwork for Milla properly. But then I keep getting more, and it just keeps getting heaped on the pile. Strangely enough, ‘filing’ is not huge on my list of priorities… day 2728/ Car. Milla has very high anxiety around roads and cars, to the point were we could not leave the house without tears and hysteria. I don’t drive, so to walk anywhere became near impossible. Working with Milla’s OT, we came up with several strategies, including the use of the vibrating pillow to distract from the noise of the traffic, and taking these pictures to include in a social story. day 2829/ TV. Poor Milla still lives in the 90′s with her old box TV in the playroom. It’s not even connected to an aerial, she just uses it to watch DVDs whilst she is ‘resting’ on the couch after lunch. (We use the term ‘resting’ very loosely ) day 29

30/ Love.
I dream a little dream for you, my darling Milla May,
I dream of the kind of woman you will become once you are on your way.
A woman full of strength and grace, who holds her head up high,
A woman who believes in herself and never wonders why.
A woman people turn to when they need to laugh or cry,
A woman who lights up a room, without even having to try.
A woman who will always be my little Milla Moo
My darling daughter, I’ve waited my whole life for you.
day 30

Paul Sadler Swimland Giveaway!

~Disclaimer- This post was sponsored by Paul Sadler Swimland, and features an AWESOME giveaway for Victorian and Townsville residents ~

When Milla was about six months old, we packed up our little unit in the ‘burbs, and made the big sea-change down to the Mornington Peninsula. We feel so blessed that we are able to raise Milla in such a beautiful place, where the sand and the sea are her playground.

Swimland Giveaway

Milla has grown up around water, and from a young age has adored splashing around in the shallows. Now that she is getting a bit older, she is becoming more adventurous. Last Summer we bought her a floaty ring, and her and her Daddy would go out a bit deeper, and she loved floating around, bobbing on the waves.

Although both her father and I are very conscious of water safety, and she is always under our direct supervision, the best skills we can give our little people around water is teaching them water awareness, safety and how to swim.

Paul Sadler Swimland commenced operation in 1972, and now has 12 swim schools across Victoria, and one in Townsville, Queensland. Classes begin from 4 months old; with Mum or Dad in the pool, focusing on water awareness, mobility and safety, and continue right up to the option of joining the Swimland Swim Club and competing in swim meets, if that is your passion.

Paul Sadler Swimland 4

The younger children are given a ‘Swordy Aquatic Development’ chart, and each new skill a child acquires, is celebrated with a sticker. And I think we all know, stickers to toddlers is what sleep is to parents- PRICELESS ;)

Paul Sadler Swimland 2

As the children move up levels and become more independent, each new skill is celebrated as a ‘personal best’, with a range of incentives to keep your little swimmer motivated and eager to learn.

Paul Sadler Swimland 3

Paul Sadler Swimland offers free assessments, from 4 months right up to adults, so you can be assured that everyone is placed in a class that meets their needs, and skill level.

You can find out more information about Paul Sadler Swimland by visiting their website, where you can find your nearest location as well as more details on each of their programs.  Paul Sadler Swimland can also be found on Facebook here.

In May this year, Paul Saddler Swimland are celebrating their 10 millionth swim, and they would love to include The Hesitant Housewife readers in the celebration!

One lucky reader has the chance to win a free term of swimming lessons at their nearest Paul Sadler Swimland location, valued at $210!

PLUS 10 runners up will receive a Paul Sadler Swimland swim pack, containing goggles and a towel, valued at $46. 

To enter, simply ‘Like’ the Paul Sadler Swimland Facebook page, and The Hesitant Housewife Facebook page, by following the prompts below. For a bonus entry, leave a comment on this post telling me what you or your child’s favourite water activities are. Competition closes ~ 12am EST, Thursday 15th of May.

Terms and Conditions~

    • This competition is open only to residents of Victoria and Queensland, due to the location of the Paul Sadler Swimschools.
    • This competition runs from 7th of May   to 15th of May.
    • The winner (s) of this competition shall be drawn randomly using the ‘Rafflecopter’ application.
    • Winner will be announced on the blog {The Hesitant Housewife} the day after the giveaway has closed, and will be contacted by email. The winner needs to reply within 3 days to claim prize otherwise prize will be re-drawn.
    • Prizes are not redeemable for cash.
    • Prizes is not transferable.
    • The Promoter is not responsible for prizes once they have been dispatched to the winner.

Good Luck!!


Thank you to everyone who entered.

The Window To My Soul.

The eyes are the window to the soul

My windows are broken, and the shards are tugging and tearing at my soul.

Yesterday I had another haemorrhage in my eye, the worst I’ve had in a long time. (You can read more about my battle with Diabetic Retinopathy here)

The blood has clouded my vision so badly, I can barely see. As usual, the specialists have no answers. They can’t tell me why I have had another bleed. They can’t tell me why years of laser therapy hasn’t stopped the haemorrhages. They can’t fix it. They can’t tell me if it will get better, or worse. All they tell me is I have to wait. Wait to see if the blood reabsorbs. Wait to see if it bleeds more.

I feel broken, and defeated. I’m 33 years old, and I already can’t drive, I already can’t carry more children. I feel like I am edging closer and closer to blindness, and I am terrified. I am scared and angry. It’s taken me half an hour just to write these two paragraphs, because I just. can’t. see.

I don’t know what to do. I don’t have time for this. My whole life is focused on helping my girl, getting her through each day, fighting for her, tackling one hurdle after another with her.

And now I can’t see? What the fuck?

My eyes are the window to my soul, and the view ain’t pretty.